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The AfricaGenWeb Project is an on-line data repository for queries, family histories, and source records as well as being resource center to identify other on-line databases and resources to assist researchers.  It is the regional branch of the WorldGenWeb Project.

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You will want to begin your search by exploring the Country Websites.  You may discover that one of the countries is in need of a coordinator.   If you are interested in adopting one of the countries, please contact us.

Each of the countries has a query board for submitting queries so you'll want to utilize the country specific query board if available.

In many cases you might not know which country your ancestor was from.  We have created a general Africa Query board to assist you.  Click here to visit the General Africa Query Board.


The AfricaGenWeb Project is in need of volunteers to host country pages, provide look-up resources, transcribe data, etc...

If you might be interested in volunteering, please stop by the Policies page to learn more about what is required.

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AfricaGenWeb Country Index

Country Coordinator
Algeria  Host Needed
Angola  Host Needed
Benin  Host Needed
Botswana  Host Needed
Burkina Faso  Host Needed
Burundi  Host Needed
Cameroon  Host Needed
Cape Verde  Host Needed
Central African Republic  Host Needed
Chad  Host Needed
Comoros  Host Needed
Congo, Democratic Republic of  Host Needed
Congo, Republic of  Host Needed
Côte d'Ivoire  Host Needed
Djibouti  Host Needed
Egypt  Host Needed
Equatorial Guinea  Host Needed
Eritrea  Host Needed
Ethiopia  Host Needed
Gabon  Host Needed
Gambia  Host Needed
Ghana  Host Needed
Guinea  Host Needed
Guinea-Bissau  Host Needed
Kenya  Host Needed
Lesotho  Host Needed
Liberia  Host Needed
Libya  Host Needed
Madagascar  Host Needed
Malawi  Host Needed
Mali  Host Needed
Mauritania  Host Needed
Mauritius  Host Needed
Mayotte Olivier Jeannot
Morocco  Host Needed
Mozambique  Host Needed
Namibia  Host Needed
Niger  Host Needed
Nigeria  Host Needed 
Reunion  Jean-Luc Wacquant
Rwanda  Host Needed
São Tomó and Príncipe  Host Needed
Senegal  Host Needed
Seychelles  Host Needed
Sierra Leone  Host Needed
Somalia  Host Needed
South Africa  Conrod Mercer
Sudan  Host Needed
Swaziland  Host Needed
Tanzania  Host Needed
Togo  Host Needed
Tunisia  Host Needed
Uganda  Host Needed
Western Sahara  Host Needed
Zambia  Host Needed
Zimbabwe Odette Lind

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